So who is Tony Eales – Medium Messenger?

Tony has worked now as a medium, channel, clairvoyant and healer for the past 18 years. The most common question he is asked is “when or how did it start for you?” Well it didn’t really ever start per say, it just always was there. Talking to dead relatives and other people was always a part of whom I was. As a small child I was often in trouble for telling ‘tall tales’ and ‘making up stories’ of invisible friends. Although dismissed as an imaginative child, people were often unsettled by accuracy of the facts.

As I grew older and began to gain some understanding into the truth of spirituality, my life changed. There now seemed to be a purpose to the gift I had, rather than just being. I had found a way to make a difference in other peoples lives and provide them with an avenue to help and the information they desperately sought.

My own personal journey related to coming into alignment with my spiritual destiny. My personal lessons in this life related to having a meaningful and useful voice. Little did I know at the time that this would prove to be the precursor to my life’s work? As long as I can remember, I was told by readers, spiritually aware people and the spirits who would visit with me, that my life’s work was to be a spiritual teacher. This never made sense to me since I couldn’t ever imagine me standing in front of a classroom full of people teaching them anything. Of course I was completely wrong on many levels. My interpretation of what teaching was missed the point completely.

As a medium, channel, healer & clairvoyant I have been lucky enough to bring through a lot of information to help people in many ways and situations. But the most important lesson I have learned above all else is that the answer to all spiritual questions , is a simple answer.

It is through these lessons that my greatest work has come to fruition. My teaching work brings me untold joy and a great deal of excitement. To see the spark in people’s eyes grow, develop and for them to find their own personal empowerment gives me a strong feeling of purpose. Touching and changing one life at a time is what drives me each day.  The gift of self empowerment and responsibility is priceless.


  1. Jessica Nash on October 31, 2016 at 6:49 am

    Hi just wondering how much your readings are and how long they go for

    • admin on October 31, 2016 at 11:03 am

      Hi Jessica, A sitting lasts for 60 minutes.. The cost of the sitting is $165 including GST. You can bring along a phone or a device to record your reading if you wish.

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